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Spoiler for FairyLoot November 2023 Adult Book!

The links provided in this post are unpaid links. I do not make commission off of them.

FairyLoot posted an aesthetic montage on their IG account on 16 August 2023 for the November 2023 Adult pick…here is the book it is!

So far, Sword Catcher this will be in the FairyLoot November 2023 Adult box. FairyLoot's edition will most likely not be signed.

Good Choice Reading usually offers hand-signed editions of Clare's books. While there is no listing yet, the link for the shop is here. Please note, I'm only providing this for informational purposes. Many customers have experienced significantly damaged and not as advertised products from this shop. Please shop at your own risk.

Additionally, Barnes & Noble has an unsigned exclusive edition with "unique gold jacket and includes a mini fold-out poster with character art from the world of Castellane." here.

Waterstones is also selling an unsigned exclusive edition here.

Indigo has an unsigned exclusive edition here.

Illumicrate will be doing an unsigned Special Edition. Details here. Don't forget to keep track of Special Edition sales on my Special Editions Calendar!

Additional info:


Obiligatory disclaimer: I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of these boxes, books, or authors. Additionally, a mention on my page does not mean I endorse the boxes, books, or authors. I am simply providing information.

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02 set 2023

Additional spoiler: I hear this is a significantly redesigned cover with a completely different aesthetic and vibe to the regular edition

Mi piace
Story Eater
Story Eater
07 set 2023
Risposta a

Ooh! Nice! Or not? Some folks like the redesigns, some don’t. Since this book has the same cover everywhere, it may be a good thing.

Mi piace
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