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Privacy Policy

My blog site,, does not currently collect any data other than:

  • number of visitors

  • general location of each visitor (i.e., country, region, state)

  • email and username for members

This data is used to track traffic only, such as general visitor numbers.  I cannot identify any individual user.  I do not collect personally identifiable information; however, Wix, the website platform I use, may collect info that I do not.  Please see below for links to the Wix privacy and security details, and Wix privacy policy information.

Some Suggestions on Mainting Private Browsing


One way to secure your browsing is through the use of a virtual private network, or VPN.  Some examples include NordVPN, Private Internet Access, and Tunnel Bear.

Ad/Tracker Blockers

Some websites use ads and trackers, which can be potentially blocked through the use of tracker suites. Ghostery is an example.

Private Browsing

Using private browsing and web browsers that have privacy functionality built in, such as Firefox or Opera, can keep your browsing data private.

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