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Review Policy and Stats

I value the integrity of the reader community and the trust given a reviewer; therefore, I will always give honest reviews in exchange for advance reader copies.  Though I cannot promise I will be able to read and review your book, please do not hesitate to reach out to me and ask.

If I do not like a book, I will be constructive.  I will also try to provide suggestions for readers if I feel the book was just not for me but would certainly suit other readers.


My stats currently sit at over 48k visits a month for my blog, with an Instagram following of over 10.6K.  If you would like to submit a review request, please fill out my Google Form here.  If I feel I am a compatible reader with your book, I will email you back and confirm.

**Review slots currently full until May 2024**

PO Box 165

Shawboro, NC 27973

Currently Accepting

  • Review Requests

    • Please only request if your book has an original release date less than 30 days old.

  • Cover Reveals

  • Blog Tours

  • Giveaways

I Review:

This list is meant to be a pairing "guide" and is not necessarily exhaustive. 

  • Fantasy/Romantasy

    • Epic

    • Adventure

    • Portal

    • Clean

    • Lightly Spiced

    • Bildungsroman

    • I read just about all kinds of fantasy; it's my favorite genre

  • Science Fiction

    • Hard/Soft

    • Steampunk

    • Space Opera

    • Speculative

    • Superhero

    • Time Travel

    • Alternate History

  • Historical Fiction
    • Please contact with more details.
  • Contemporary

    • Please contact with more details.

  • Horror
    • I am very picky about the horror I read.  I'm also a self-proclamed ninny.  Please feel free to fill out the Google Form for review requests, and I will see if your horror book is a good fit for me.

Rating System

One of the best books I've read.  Resounded amazingly with me personally, or I just could not put it down.  Compulsively readable with no personal objections to content.  Highly recommend to read and purchase.  Will probably try to get it for my local library's collection.

Excellent book with very few things in it to keep me from loving it.  Had a few issues, so I can't give it five stars.  Still a great joy to read and would recommend it at least to read.  Perhaps recommend to purchase.

Not horrible but not great.  Maybe didn't live up to expectations or wasn't as described.  Didn't bore me to tears but it's not memorable or has too many objections from me to make it a 4-star read.  Might recommend to read depending on the audience.

Too many things that were terrible, objectionable, or offensive.  A couple of redeeming qualities got me through to the finish.  Or it was a popular book that I was peer pressured into reading or buying.  Not happy with it overall.  Don't recommend for purchase.  Maybe not to read, depending on audience.

Hated it.  No redeeming qualities.  Very offensive or not to my taste.  Do not recommend for purchase or reading to anyone.  Usually, one stars are DNF's, and if I feel so strongly about a book, I will try not to even review it. 

I Do Not Review:

  •  Books with sexual assault or consent issues, including "soft consent."

  • Erotica

  • Poetry
  • YA with adult content (sex, language—any adult situations)

  • Non-fiction

  • Books with social or political commentary and/or themes resembling real-word, contemporary issues.

  • Books made in whole or part using AI

Please use this as a guide.  Even if a book fits these genres, I will still use my own discretion when choosing books to review.

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