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Spoiler Theory for FairyLoot October 2022 YA Book!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

The links provided in this post are unpaid links. I do not make commission off of them.

Update!!! FairyLoot dropped the YA Theme today, 6 September 2022. It will have an additional book in it, spoilers below, and NEITHER BOOK WILL BE SIGNED FOR THIS BOX.

FairyLoot posted an aesthetic montage on their IG account on 15 August 2022 for the October 2022 YA pick…here’s what I think the book is! I’m pretty confident about this one. Not totally, though.


So far, this will be in the FairyLoot YA box for October 2022. More places to purchase, including places to get signed copies to come.


Additional info:

Aside from being available in normal trade paperback format from regular retailers, I don't see any signed editions of this book available. If it is the FairyLoot pick, I think it will be the only hardcover copy.

Update: There will be an additional book in the box, a paperback. The consensus is that it will be:

I thought the extra book could be:

I think the consensus is correct on this one. The Memory Jumper doesn't seem like a good fit for a FairyLoot box inclusion.

This is a UK release that I believe will be a paperback format hardcover from FairyLoot. Speaking from my own past experiences with FairyLoot reissues of paperback releases, they don't have the quality I expect for the price. I find that it is often, as with Defy the Night and Thorn, a paperback with hardcover boards on it, and the paper quality is absent a proper hardcover release.

Obiligatory disclaimer: I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of these boxes. Additionally, a mention on my page does not mean I endorse the box. I am simply providing information.

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2 opmerkingen

04 okt. 2022

Does book only get both books or will they just get the main one?

Story Eater
Story Eater
14 okt. 2022
Reageren op

The book only will only get the main book, as FairyLoot considers the extra book to be an item.

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