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Spoiler Theory for FairyLoot July (or August) 2023 Book!

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

While adding some books to my adult release calendar, I noticed a book that looks remarkably like it would make a perfect FairyLoot pick for its release month:

While it is a perfect candidate for a FairyLoot adult book because of it being a debut adult fantasy from a previously YA author, there are still some possibilities that it may not be a FairyLoot pick for the monthly box.

The only thing that would prevent it from being a FairyLoot pick would be if the book were included in the newly launched Locked Library box from HarperCollins UK. According to Q&A story posts, any books included in Locked Library will not be picks for other book boxes. (However, those books are not excluded from being offered as Special Editions from places like Waterstones. It's not clear if that includes exclusion from being offered as singular, special edition purchases from book boxes.) It is also worth noting that Locked Library will be curating from the HarperVoyager and Magpie, both Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror imprints of HarperCollins UK. Immortal Longings is published by HarperVoyager.

Taken from the Locked Library website.

It is worth noting that if it were a Locked Library pick, it would not be signed. The Locked Library has stated that all the books offered in the subscription would have digital signature replicas. This info can be view on the Q&A highlight on their Instagram page.

Obiligatory disclaimer: I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of these boxes, books, or authors. Additionally, a mention on my page does not mean I endorse the boxes, books, or authors. I am simply providing information.

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