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FairyLoot’s New Epic Fantasy Subscription First Book Spoiler!

FairyLoot announced today it would be starting a new Epic fantasy quarterly subscription:

Now, I was a bit skeptical about the possible selections for this sub. I haven't really been impressed with many of FairyLoot's romantasy or adult picks lately, and I've been leaning more toward other subscriptions that offer epic fantasy regularly and contemplating completely dropping FairyLoot altogether.

HOWEVER. Their first pick got my attention.


Since their first selection will be for May 2025, and they will be dealing with UK publishers, the clues point to this book:

The Devils by Joe Abercrombie

Release Date: 6 May 2025

Publisher: Gollancz (Hachette UK) UK/Tor (Macmillan) US

Synopsis: Europe stares into the abyss.

Plague and famine stalk the land, monsters lurk in every shadow and greedy princes care for nothing but their own ambitions. Only one thing is certain: the elves will come again, and they will eat everyone.

Sometimes, only the darkest paths lead towards the light. Paths on which the righteous will not dare to tread . . .

And so, buried beneath the sacred splendour of the Celestial Palace, is the secret Chapel of the Holy Expediency. For its congregation of convicted monsters there are no sins that have not been committed, no lines that will not be crossed, and no mission that cannot be turned into a disastrous bloodbath.

Now the hapless Brother Diaz must somehow bind the worst of the worst to a higher cause: to put a thief on the throne of Troy, and unite the sundered church against the coming apocalypse.

When you're headed through hell, you need the devils on your side.


I'll admit, I wasn't sure FairyLoot even knew what epic fantasy was, since they never include selections like their first epic fantasy pick in their current subs, but it sounds like they do.

Unfortunately, Joe Abercrombie is a goat in the fantasy genre, and I think other subscriptions like Inkstone, Goldsboro, and/or The Broken Binding may also offer special editions of this book, and their offerings will definitely be signed. FairyLoot's will likely not. With the continuously increasing prices Fairyloot charges for their books, I still may be considering a different sub to find my signed SE's.

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Katy Wall
Katy Wall
Jul 05

I just got a subscription Owlcrate Adult, and I am enjoying their selections. Foul Days for June was a good choice, and their upcoming choices for July and August are some of my most anticipated reads: The Spellshop and A Sorceress Comes to Call.

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I loved The Spellshop. I’m currently reading Kingfisher’s upcoming. So far, it’s quite intriguing.


Hey !

I've had the same feelings towards fairyloot's book choices for 2024, and was wondering which book box would you recommend instead (real fantasy, world building) please ? Or if you have a post updated on this subject ?

Thanks in advance :)


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😬 Right now, the box offering the most solid choices in my opinion is The Broken Binding, BUT all their box selections are backlist books, and if you want their frontlist SE’s, which are many times the epic fantasy gems you sound like you’re looking for, you sometimes have to set an alarm and get them lickety split during general sales if you’re not a subscriber. Inkstone also offers great choices, but it’s quarterly. GSFF is a bit of a mixed bag lately.


TBB has confirmed they are "working on something special" for Devils.

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Sorry My silly American brain.

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