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Book Radar: My Most Anticipated Indie Releases for Fall and Spooky Season 2022

September 2022

Wishtress by Nadine Brandes

Release date: 13 September 2022

Format: Hardcover, eBook, Audiobook

Available at: Everywhere books are sold, even in the UK! (I checked Waterstones)

Synopsis: She didn’t ask to be the Wishtress.

Myrthe was born with the ability to turn her tears into wishes. But when a granted wish goes wrong, a curse is placed on her: the next tear she sheds will kill her. She needs to journey to the Well and break the curse before it claims her life—and before the king’s militairen track her down. But in order to survive the journey, she must harden her heart to keep herself from crying even a single tear.

He can stop time with a snap of his fingers.

Bastiaan’s powerful—and rare—Talent came in handy when he kidnapped the old king. Now the new king has a job for him: find and capture the Wishtress and deliver her to the schloss. But Bastiaan needs a wish of his own. He gains Myrthe’s trust by promising to take her to the Well, but once he gets what he needs, he’ll turn her in. As long as his growing feelings for the girl with a stone heart don’t compromise his job.

They are on a journey that can only end one way: with her death.

Everyone seems to need a wish—the king, Myrthe’s cousin, the boy she thinks she loves. And they’re ready to bully, beg, and even betray her for it. No one knows that to grant even one of them, Myrthe would have to die. And if she tells them about her curse . . . they’ll just kill her anyway.

Note: I had the honor of being given an eARC copy of this book to read and review. Find my review here.

Married by War by Sarah K. L. Wilson

Release date: 30 September 2022

Format: Hardcover (from The Signed Bookshop), Audiobook, Paperback, Kindle Unlimited

Available at: US Amazon, The Signed Bookshop, Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: He's a knight bound by honor. She's a sacrificial bride. Their love cannot be.

When Sir Oakensen is asked to retrieve the king's illegitimate daughter to be offered in a marriage of peace with the fae, he is hoping for nothing more than a hot meal and to keep his men alive.

When Iva is told that her fate is not in the kennels raising the king's dogs, but rather to be the bride of an enemy king, she thinks her life is over.

Neither of them expects love.

Pursuing it could threaten two nations finally on the verge of peace.

Married by War is the fourth book in the series Arranged Marriages of the Fae - a multi-author series of romantic fantasy stand-alone short novels, designed to be read independently. Together, they approach the theme of arranged marriages in fae fantasy from a variety of different angles and tones and offer complete romances while also allowing the reader to enjoy a variety of tones and approaches. Perfect for romantic fantasy readers with busy lives who love swoony romance.

Here is the website for all of the Arranged Marriages of the Fae series: I believe all 7 books will be included with the Kindle Unlimited subscription. The books begin releasing with Married by Wind and release weekly after that for seven weeks. The best place to purchase the books and support the authors (if you don’t plan on reading them all on KU and want the physical beauties for your shelves) is directly from the author (the AMOTF site has links for all of them). Some authors have their own sites, and some sell on Etsy. I encourage you to buy directly from them so they can pocket more of the profits from their own work.


October 2022

Grimkeeper by Everly Haywood

Release Date: 4 October 2022

Formats: so far, only eBook (Kindle Unlimited)

Available: Amazon US & UK

Synopsis: This stand-alone romantic fantasy about found family and ancient secrets is perfect for fans of Fierce Heart and Entranced: Prince of the Doomed City.

A determined girl. A dark elf scholar. A dance as old as time.

When her arranged marriage goes awry, Dagmar Fray finds herself in a foreign land without a husband. Good riddance. Her real reason for participating in a slightly underhanded bride-swap was not to find a fellow but rather her missing sister. But when she accepts the help of a shy stranger, she longs to discover what he's hiding behind those dimples.

More interested in fae cats and books, Peregrin Blodrhys wasn't seeking a wife until he met the fiery redhead stranded in the rain. Passionate, outspoken, and devoted to her sister...Dagmar just might be the answer to his problem. But he knows little of human girls or how to propose marriage. And his secret is the sort that can destroy even the strongest of relationships.

When this bride on a mission and secretive bookworm collide, can they survive the explosion of culture and magic?

Grimkeeper is a stand-alone novella, inspired by Beauty and the Beast and Twelve Dancing Princesses. With sweet "friends to lovers" romance and epic worldbuilding, this feisty heroine and her awkward love interest are the perfect swoon-worthy couple for fans of Tara Grayce and Melanie Cellier. 

Spellbound Lies by Catherine Downen

Release date: 11 October 2022

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook (Kindle Unlimited)

Available at: Amazon US & UK, Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: The prince has been in a constant battle with the beast lurking beneath his skin. Not a creature to be slayed, but a man crafted from the darkest evils. The two shift between the body they share, threatening to unleash a destruction that would change their realm forever.

When Jessamyn Elisdream sneaks into the palace in search of a lost family heirloom, she uncovers more than she bargained for. To keep Prince Nikolaus’s curse a secret, she is imprisoned in the palace until the witch’s spell can be broken.

Trapped inside the palace with the prince’s two changing forms, Jessamyn is caught in a war of good versus evil.

The prince versus his beast.

And a heart that betrays her.

Note: I was a beta reader for this book, and I liked it quite a bit. The characters were well developed, the plot engaging, and the romance wonderful. It is classified as YA, but it does have some sexual content

A Solstice of Fire and Light by Angela R. Watt

Release Date: 25 October 2022

Formats: Hardcover (so far)

Available at: Amazon US & UK, Barnes & Noble, Kickstarter (campaign ends 16 September 2022)

Synopsis: Dionne, a Gifted nomad princess, hunts the warlocks that kidnapped her brother.

Nnamdi, a popular caravan fighter, wishes to be freed from his sins.

After they break out of prison together and spare each other in a death match, there’s no turning back… So they board a pirate ship and hunt the Order.

When Dionne learns that the wizards that took her brother have also taken child slaves and hides them all away in her kingdom, she creates a plan with the pirates to infiltrate the Order… But when Dionne reaches the kingdom, she will be sacrificed to the gods on winter solstice.

Swept in a world of deadly magic, Nnamdi swears his protection to Dionne… But then he learns she is a princess and that her fate is sealed at the hands of a jealous wizard. Nnamdi must break his chains and unleash his Gift like never before… Or lose the only woman he’s ever loved.

For lovers of slow-burn romance and fast-paced fantasy, get your next binge-read with one click! This standalone novel is perfect for readers who want a clean, swoon-worthy fantasy romance with high stakes and faith-elements.

Author’s note: this novel is suitable for ages 16+ due to dark themes and violence.


November 2022

Recruit of Talionis by C. J. Milacci

Release date: 3 November 2022

Formats: eBook (other formats sure to to come later)

Available at: Amazon US & UK

Synopsis: "Forget where you came from. Forget the life you knew. You are now recruits of Talionis!"

A teen with a dark past. A secret military force that kidnaps new soldiers. Can she survive as a Recruit of Talionis?

America has fallen.

Seventeen-year-old Bria Averton grew up in a small town of survivors near the ruins of Portland, Maine. It’s all she’s ever known — until she’s kidnapped along with hundreds of other teens and brought to the city of Talionis. A city no one knew existed.

The soldiers tell them the intense trainings are for the good of the survivors, and Bria resists being forced into a new life as a recruited soldier. But she soon finds the dangers in the city are greater than she imagined.

Escape is impossible, and Bria fears drowning in the evil of the city… and the guilt from her own past. But can she find hope, even here?

Under the Earth, Over the Sky by Emily McCosh

Release date: 8 November 2022

Formats: eBook, Paperback

Available at: Amazon US & UK, Barnes & Noble

Synopsis: In the woods where human lands meet fae, an ancient king born before the history of men finds a dying baby.

Iohmar will take in the child and care for him until a suitable home in the human realm is found. But best laid plans often go awry in the lands of Látwill, where winds carry fae across the star-strewn sky, the woods ensnare the weak-minded with their sinister song, and even Iohmar, King Beneath the Earth, is susceptible to the will of the immortal mountains.

Magic long tethered to Iohmar’s soul will crumble. Unknown shadows and monsters of mirrored glass will encroach upon the borders of their land. And memories thousands of years lost will unravel as Iohmar struggles not only to properly rule his fair folk, but protect the fragile human son he never should have saved in the first place.

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