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2024 Bookish Resolutions

Updated: Jan 10

Here we go.  I don’t do resolutions for non-bookish things.  I have too much to read.   I do, however, make bookish resolutions.  Do I keep them?  Who cares?  It’s just nice to think hopefully about books.

This year, I’m making some pretty intense resolutions.  They will require me to focus, stick to my bookish guns, and resist the FOMO (among other things).

Perhaps my bookish resolutions will inspire some for you?  

Without further ado, my Bookish Resolutions for 2024!

Resolution 1

STOP reading books that are BookTok/Instagram/BookTube sensations.  

Seriously.  Just about every single viral book in the history of viral books on social media has been an absolute dud for me.  They also tend to be poorly written and nearly carbon copies of other previously published books.   Take, for example, Fourth Wing (AND Iron Flame), which I felt was a mishmash of so many different books all squished together.  I hated it.

Resolution 2


Just like every viral book has turned out to be a waste of my time, the same can be said for the urge to buy every beautiful book I see. I’ve spent a lot of money on special editions I haven’t read just because they’re beautiful editions.  After getting around to reading them, I wind up hating and can’t resell for even cost, so they get either donated to thrift stores or taken to used bookstores.  I love the pretties, but I love the stories more.  I’d rather own a mass market of an amazing book than a spiffy special edition of bound, printed toilet paper.

Resolution 3

Finish some of my already started series.  Finish.  Them.

There are some series I have started that are amazing but I keep getting squirreled (cf Disney’s Up for that reference) by other, supposedly shiny books.  That aren’t nearly as good as the series I’ve interrupted!  

Some series I am going to try and finish in 2024:

The Wheel of Time (snowball’s chance in Hades, there, but I’m going for it)

The Witcher (I’m on book 5.  I can do it.)

Earthsea Cycle (I haven’t read past the second one but loved these.  Not sure why I stopped.  I’m going to have to reread the first two.)

Inkworld (Again, I read the first two and didn’t read the last one.  Again, I don’t know why; they were great. Also, again, I’m going to have to reread the first two.)

Riyria Revelations (I'm only on book 2, but I don't care. I'm gonna finish.)

Resolution 4

Start and finish at least 2 classic SciFi series.

One of these MUST be Dune.  The first and second trilogies, though.  Not the others.  I’ve been warned off by Reddit.  I’d also like to maybe tackle the Hyperion Cantos.  Please feel free to throw some more out there for me.  I’d like to build a working knowledge of foundational science fiction.  

Resolution 5

Sell off at least 10% of my current book hoard. 

Yes, that’s right.  AT LEAST 10%.  I’m going to read some (see Resolution 6), and then I’m going to sell the one’s I’m not completely enamored with.  I do not have the room and I’m in a battle with clutter in my house.

Resolution 6


See Resolution 5.

Resolution 7

Curb my book purchases.

I’m going to try and tighten my bookish belt this year.  I’ve already started by cancelling several book subs I've been subscribed to for years in the past couple of months, but I’m going to try and cut book spending even further.  I’m going to have a hard time with this one.  

Resolution 8

Embrace the DNF.  

I’m going to try and give each book I read to at least 25%.  If it’s too much of a struggle to get through, I’ll be DNF’ing.  This of course does not apply to books like non-fiction I’m going to force myself to read more of, as those tend to be dry for me.  I read some doozies in 2023 that were giant books and took up hours of my time.  I should have stopped reading and moved on.  

Resolution 9

Read more non-fiction.  

I read 12 non-fiction books in 2023.  While that was my goal of one a month for 2023, I’d like to read more than that this year.  I’ve learned quite a bit from the ones I read, and I’d like to continue that pursuit of knowledge.

Resolution 10

Write my own book.

I’ve been working on several books for many years now, and I’d like to finish drafting at least one of them this year.  That is all.

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What book box subscriptions are you keeping? I need to cut mine too!

Replying to

For monthly boxes, I’ve kept FairyLoot and Goldsboro Prem1er. I get Phoenix Crate as well, but it’s quarterly. I mostly back Kickstarters for indie authors to get really nice special editions, and Waterstones and Goldsboro have really nice special editions as well. Publishers now are starting to do great 1st printings with nice features that don’t break the bank if you preorder during a sale (like Barnes and Nobles 25% off preorder sales), and even if you get them at full retail, they’re still cheaper than the SE’s offered by many of the book boxes now.


My bookish resolution is to give more books 5 stars! Essential I need to be more appreciative of the book and less critical!


No, but like, how are your bookish resolutions the exact same as mine???

Replying to

Perhaps there is a collective set of resolutions all bookish folk are making. Read more spend less and just enjoy reading good stories.

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