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Spoilers! Page and Wick Possible 2024 Titles!

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Bookish folk, Page and Wick posted some spoilery emojis for 2024 books on 13 December!

These are pretty generic spoilers, but I have some possibilities for each set:

Book 1:


This could be either:


Both of these authors follow Page and Wick as well.

Book 2:


Again, these are pretty generic, but I think this one could be:

Book 3:


This one could be:


I'm leaning toward the former, though the title will be traditionally published in the UK by Random House. Page and Wick has also said that the offerings in the box will be a mix of indie and traditional titles as well.

What do you bookish folk think? Do you have any alternate guesses?

PD/T: 13 December 2023 0915

UPDATE 20 December 2024:

Looks like all of these picks (including the alternate picks for the first emoji set) may be included!

So, according to month and new emojis, we have now:



This one could be:


The emojis fit both of these titles for me. With the addition of sky, it could be because of the title for the second or the art on the cover for the first. There's also the moon to consider, though. 🤔





I believe this one will be the one traditionally published book in the lineup. My initial guess is:



This one is a give away because of the bird, the flame, and the oracle ball. The synopsis talks of a "divine vision," and it has to be this one.

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