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New Viking Fantasy from Morgan L. Busse Coming in August!

From the award-winning author of The Ravenwood Saga (which is fantastic, by the way) and Skyworld duology (also amazing) comes a new Viking fantasy this summer right when we're all going to be looking forward to some cooler weather.

Mark your calendars for 6 August when Winter's Maiden releases! Book one of Busse's The Nordic Wars series from Enclave Publishing is not to be missed, and you can preorder it today so you definitely won't!


Warrior. Survivor. Daughter of the North. 


From the moment she is born, Brighid fights to survive in the wastelands of Nordica as a clanless one. But when a new power arrives offering a trial to join the Nordic warriors, Brighid enters, hoping to rise above her station. Soon she becomes one of their fiercest fighters and joins the war against the south.

Kaeden carries the blood of the ancient Eldaran race in his veins but turns away from his heritage after the death of his parents. Years later, he is called back to his homeland and invited to be a healer for the southern forces. With the help of an old mentor, the power inside of him starts to awaken. However his life is turned upside down when a mighty warrior of the Nordic forces is captured.

As Kaeden interacts with the enemy, he discovers there is a darkness behind the Nordic Wars, one that is manipulating the people of the north. But who will believe him? And is there a power strong enough to break the hold of this hidden adversary? Or will the world burn in the flames of war?

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