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Book Box Spoilers: July 2022

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of these boxes. Additionally, a mention on this wrap-up page does not mean I endorse the box. I am simply providing information.

In the interest of keeping data use down (uploading this many pictures of book covers is extremely costly), I have only provided titles of books. In the case where titles are duplicates with other books, an author has also been provided.

For quick reference, use the find feature (CMD + F for Mac, CTRL + F for Windows) to search for a specific book or box.

Abraxas Boxes

Quarterly box-next book will be in September

An Unexpected Apothecary

Eight Days of Christmas

Authentic Books

The Bodyguard/Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow/Things We Do in the Dark

The Arcane Society

Sin & Chocolate/Sin & Magic

Bad Alibi Book Box

Mary: An Awakening of Terror

Beacon Book Box

No longer doing monthly boxes-no selection this month

The BC Case Hotel Magnifique

Belle Book Box

No book announced

Book Box Club

No longer doing monthly boxes-no selection this month

Book Brigade Box

Adult: The Favor/Non-Fiction: Unmasked: My Life Solving America's Cold Cases/YA: Elektra (Not a YA book)

BookHooked Box

Breaking Time

The Book Case

The Measure

The Book(ish) Box Adult

What Lies Beyond the Veil

The Book(ish) Box YA

A Broken Blade

Bookish Buys

Supernatural: An Inheritance of Monsters/Bully Me: Bloody Cruel Psycho

Bookishly UK

The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes

Book of the Month

Upgrade/The Bodyguard/First Born/You're Invited/Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow


When the Storm Comes


Zauberbüchse: Cursed Worlds/Liebesbüchse:

Caffeine & Legends

Daughter of Redwinter

Chest of Fandoms

A Midsummer Night's Deal

Chest of Hearts

No book announced

Dazzling Bookish Shop


Down the Rabbit Hole

Five Little Pigs

Dreamer Whale Boxes

Jade City

Duality Box

No book announced

Emboss & Spine

No book announced

Enchanted Fandom

The Never King/The Dark One

The Fable Crate

From Storm and Shadow

Fabled Nights

Crown of Lies/Throne of Truth

Fae Crate

Stealing Infinity

FairyLoot Adult

The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy

FairyLoot YA

The Darkening

Fox & Wit Adult

The Book of Gothel

Fox & Wit YA

This Vicious Grace

Gold Leaf Book Box

The Darkening

Goldsboro Prem1er

Truly, Darkly, Deeply


The Final Strife

Habibi Kutb

No book announced yet

Ignite English

Not doing anymore boxes right now


The Drowned Woods

illumicrate After Light

Next book up in August: Love on the Brain

I Smell Books Classics

The Little Mermaid and Other Fairy Tales

I Smell Books YA

Rise of the Vicious Princess

The Librarian Box

A Violet Made of Thorns

LitJoy Crate

No book this month

Lit Love Box

Maggie Moves On/The It Girl/The Lies I Tell


A Secret Princess

Midnight Tales Book Box

Sci-Fi Author : Tasha Black

PNR Author: Frida Kilmari

Moonlight Crate

No book announced

My Chronicle Book Box

Do No Harm

The Mystic Box

Featured author for July not announced yet

Nerdy Book Box

Our Bloody Pearl (These Treacherous Tides)

Night Worms

The Pallbearers Club/Other Terrors Anthology

Novel Tea Chest

Violet Made of Thorns

Obsidian Moon Crate

Quarterly-next box is September

Once Upon a Book Club Box Adult

The War Girls

Once Upon a Book Club Box YA

The Charmed List


Violet Made of Thorns

OwlCrate, Jr.

J. R. Silver Writes Her World

Paper Orange

Phoenix Crate

Quarterly-next box is September

Save with my code: storyeater

Quotes and Curses

The Witch Collector

Rainbow Crate Book Box

Beating Heart Baby

Read Between the Vines

Yerba Buena

Readers Joy Box

Love on the Brain/A Magic Steeped in Poison/Foul Lady Fortune

Satisfiction Box

The Dream Runners

Sirens Trove


The Big Book Box

Fairy Tale Box:

Frappe: /Espresso: Set in Stone/Cappuccino: Ordinary Monsters/Café Mocha: /Breve: The House of Fortune

Unplugged Book Box Adult

The Woman in the Library

Unplugged Book Box YA

What Souls are Made Of

Witch Crown Box

No book this month

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