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April 2024 Book Box Spoilers

Updated: May 2

I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of these boxes. Additionally, a mention on this wrap-up page does not mean I endorse the box. I am simply providing information.

In the interest of keeping data use down (uploading this many pictures of book covers is extremely costly), I have only provided titles of books. In the case where titles are duplicates with other books, an author has also been provided.

For quick reference, use the find feature (CMD + F for Mac, CTRL + F for Windows) to search for a specific book or box.

Aardvark Book Club

Expiration Dates/James/Diavola/How to Solve Your Own Murder/The Rule Book/A Sweet Sting of Salt

Abraxas Boxes

Authentic Books

Funny Story/Darling Girls* (duplicate with BOTM)/The Sicilian Inheritance

The Arcane Society

Golden/Glitter by Shannon Mayer

The BC Case Dragon Rider* (duplicate with GSFF April)

Belle Book Box

Featured author: Nikki Sloane

Beyond the Pages Charli

In the Unlikely Event/

Book Brigade Box

Adult: How to Solve Your Own Murder* (duplicate with Aardvark)

Non-fiction: No NF hint this month

The Book(ish) Box

Lore of the Wilds* (duplicate with FairyLoot Romantasy April)

The Darkly Book(ish) Box

Wild Love

Book of the Month

How to End a Love Story/All We Were Promised/The Wives/Darling Girls/Dragonfruit/Just for the Summer/Husbands


The Familiar/Daughter of Mine/A Short Walk Through a Wide World/The Reappearance of Rachel Price/Table for Two

The Broken Binding Fantasy

The Lies of Locke Lamora

The Broken Binding SciFi

The Martian


The Summer of Broken Rules


Zauberbüchse: A Tempest of Tea

Liebes: Funny Story

Butterfly Book Club

A Cursed Kiss

Caffeine & Legends

Play of Shadows

Chest of Fandoms

House of Beating Wings

Cover to Cover Book Box

First Down/Mile High/The Seaside Chronicles

Chest of Hearts

Because I Believe in You—Great and Precious Things

Dark and Disturbed

No box for April

Dark & Quirky

Wicked Tales April-June:

The Royal Trials Trilogy/Supernatural Academy Trilogy

Dazzling Bookish Shop

Teenage Dirtbags

Down the Rabbit Hole

Cards on the Table

Dreamer Whale Boxes

Dryad Book Box

Bi-monthly: next box May

Enchanted Fandom

Eternal Embers

Eternal Embers Onyx

Fabled Moonlight

Viscously Yours

Fabled Nights

The Night Thieves

Fabled Twilight

To Bleed a Kingdom

Fae Crate

Until the Stars Fall* (duplicate with Midnight Whispers July)

FairyLoot Adult

Evocation* (duplicate with OwlCrate Adult May)

FairyLoot YA

Darker by Four

FairyLoot Romantasy

Lore of the Wilds* (duplicate with Bookish Box April)

Fated Romance

Taken to Voraxia/Taken to Nobu

Forbidden Library Box

Fox & Wit

Chrysalis and Requiem

Foxglove (Fox & Wit Romance)

How to End a Love Story

Gold Leaf Book Box

Goldsboro Prem1er

Seven Days


Dragon Rider

Habibi Kutb

Hushbug Book Box

Spring Box: Just for the Summer* (duplicate with BOTM)/The Rule Book* (duplicate with Aardvark)/Darling Girls* (duplicate with BOTM)/Nosy Neighbors


To Gaze Upon Wicked Gods

Illumicrate Afterlight

The Prospects

Illumicrate Evernight

Murder Road

Inkstone Books


The Dance of Shadows

Lit Love Box

Darling Girls/The Other Side of Disappearing/Daughter of Mine/The Kiss Countdown* (duplicate with Afterlight April)/James/The Familiar/Diavola

The Locked Library

The Silence Factory

Midnight Bookshelf

Midnight Whispers

Moonlight Crate

My Chronicle Book Box


Historical Fiction:

The Mystic Box

Night Worms

Thirst by Marina Yuszcsuk/A Botanical Daughter

Novellous Box

Obsidian Moon Crate

Obsidian Flame Crate

Once Upon a Book Club Box Adult

An Inconvenient Wife

Once Upon a Book Club Box Middle Grade

The Mystery of Locked Rooms

Once Upon a Book Club Box YA

The Revenant Games


Your Blood, My Bones

OwlCrate Adult

The Sins on Their Bones

OwlCrate, Jr.

No longer doing boxes

Paper Orange

Page & Wick

bimonthly—next box May

Phoenix Crate

Quarterly—Boxes in

March, June, September, December

Use code: eaterofstories

Probably Smut

A Fate Inked in Blood* (duplicate with BOTM March, FL Adult February)

Rainbow Crate Book Box

Read Between the Vines

Readers Joy Box

Satisfiction Box

Bi-Monthly—Next Box May

So Many Pages

The Big Book Box

The Broken Binding

To Bee Read by LitJoy Bi-Monthly

Twisted Retreat

All the Parts of the Soul

Witch Crown Box

*duplicate book with another box

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Liz Enow
Liz Enow
Mar 29

Probably smut is A fate inked in blood

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