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March 2023 Book Box Spoilers

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of these boxes. Additionally, a mention on this wrap-up page does not mean I endorse the box. I am simply providing information.

In the interest of keeping data use down (uploading this many pictures of book covers is extremely costly), I have only provided titles of books. In the case where titles are duplicates with other books, an author has also been provided.

For quick reference, use the find feature (CMD + F for Mac, CTRL + F for Windows) to search for a specific book or box.

Aardvark Book Club

Big Swiss/For Her Consideration* (duplicate with Illumicrate Afterlight March 2023)/Sink/The Magician's Daughter/48 Clues into the Disappearance of My Sister

Abraxas Boxes

Authentic Books

The London Séance Society*(duplicate with BOTM March 2023)/Hello Beautiful/The Love Wager

The Arcane Society

Dark King/Fallen King

Bad Alibi Book Box

Not doing boxes

The BC Case

Song of Silver, Flame Like Night

Belle Book Box

Beyond the Pages

The Director/Her Master's Courtesan/Bait

Book Brewed

Book Box Club

Book Brigade Box

Adult: The House of Eve* (duplicate with Aardvark February)

YA: Not doing YA

Non-fiction: Good for a Girl: A Woman Running in a Man's World

BookHooked Box

The Book(ish) Box Adult

Blood Orange

The Book(ish) Box YA

These Bitter Blooms

Bookish Buys


Bully Me:

Bookishly UK

Books by Nature Book Box

Book of the Month

The London Séance Society/The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi*(duplicate with FairyLoot February 2023 Adult and Fox & Wit March 2023 Adult)/Rootless/Weyward/The London Séance Society/The Soulmate/Lone Women


Liebe ist schön, von einfach war nie die Rede


Zauberbüchse: Gallant


Butterfly Book Club

The Last Daughter

Caffeine & Legends

Celestia Book Crate

The Bayou Never Tells

Chest of Fandoms

Ewig & immer - Die Geheimnisse der Lady Halewood

The Bone Shard Daughter

Chest of Hearts

Cover to Cover Book Box


Corrine Michaels

Nikki J Summers

Cèlia Pereira

Dark and Disturbed

Savages and Deviants/Irish Kiss/Undeserving

Dark & Quirky


Elsie Silver, Kandi Steiner, JL Seegars, Neva Altaj

Dazzling Bookish Shop

The Witch and the Vampire

Down the Rabbit Hole


Dreamer Whale Boxes

Dryad Book Box

A Day of Fallen Night

Duality Box

Enchanted Fandom

Next-Door Incubus

Fabled Nights

Promises and Pomegranates

Fabled Twilight

A Cursed Kiss

Fae Crate

Flowerheart* (duplicate with Fox & Wit March 2023 YA)

FairyLoot Adult

The Foxglove King

FairyLoot YA

Seven Faceless Saints* (duplicate with Obsidian Moon Crate)

Fated Romance

Fiction Addiction

Forbidden Library Box


Monstrous Bride/A Monstrous Claim

Fox & Wit Adult

The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi

Fox & Wit YA

Flowerheart* (duplicate with Fae Crate March 2023)

Foxcrate YA

Foxglove (Fox & Wit Romance)

Gold Leaf Book Box


(duplicate with Novel Tea Chest and OwlCrate Feb 2023)

Goldsboro Prem1er

In Memoriam


The Book of Eve

Habibi Kutb

Ignite English

Indie Book Scene


Lies We Sing to the Sea

illumicrate After Light

For Her Consideration

I Smell Books Classics

I Smell Books YA

The Librarian Box

No longer doing boxes

LitJoy Crate

See To Bee Read

Lit Love Box

The Writing Retreat* (duplicate with BOTM February)/The Golden Spoon/The Neighbor Favor/The Sweet Spot/Revelle* (duplicate with Novel Tea Chest and OwlCrate February)

Locked Library

The Valkyrie

Midnight Bookshelf

Author Shantel Tessier

Moonlight Crate

My Chronicle Book Box

The Mystic Box

Nerdy Book Box



Night Worms

The Spite House/Mothered

No Shelf Control

Novel Tea Chest

No longer doing boxes

Novellous Box

The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi*(duplicate with FairyLoot Feb Adult 2023)/Spice Road*(duplicate with FairyLoot January 2023 YA)

Obsidian Moon Crate

Seven Faceless Saints* (Duplicate with FairyLoot March)

Obsidian Flame Crate

Once Upon a Book Club Box Adult

The Last Tale of the Flower Bride* duplicate with FairyLoot Jan adult, BOTM add-on for Feb,

Once Upon a Book Club Box YA


Once Upon a Book Club Box Middle Grade

The Monster Hypothesis


Midnight Strikes

OwlCrate, Jr.

The House Swap

Paper Orange

Phoenix Crate

Main Pick: The Windward King

Deluxe Bonus: Greywolf's Heart (Spirit's Valley #1)

Use code: eaterofstories

Quotes and Curses

not doing any more boxes

Rainbow Crate Book Box

Ravensong/I Am Not Your Chosen One

Read Between the Vines

One Two Three

Readers Joy Box

Satisfiction Box


Siren’s Trove

So Many Pages

Tales by Mail

The Big Book Box

To Bee Read by LitJoy

Twisted Retreat

Legacy Witches

Unplugged Book Box Adult

Daughter of the Salt King

Unplugged Book Box YA

Speak No Evil

Witch Crown Box

*duplicate book with another box

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