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Leaked Sneak Peak at Illumicrate's February Book! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

This post was shared on the RCW Literary Agency Instagram account (@rcwliteraryagency) on 2 February 2023. I assume it has since been taken down, as it does not seem to be there any longer, but there are screenshots and videos of it on the internet, which I am happy to share.

Front Dust Jacket Cover

Back Dust Jacket Cover


Endpapers (Same front and back)

Front Case Wrap

Back Case Wrap

It also looks like Bloomsbury publishing was tagged, though I'm not sure why. The book is published by HarperVoyager, which is a big four publishing company. Bloomsbury, though a large publishing company, is an independent, or indie, publisher, as they state on their About Page here.

Bloomsbury Publishing Tagged

This information was sent to me by a good bookish friend who got it from a Facebook post. I am not on Facebook (though I may be forced to make an account. I loathe Facebook. Ugh.)

Alas, this was up too quickly for me to spot it. I can't take credit for catching it. Thanks to my bookish friend, who did not want to be tagged (I asked), for this info.

Obiligatory disclaimer: I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of these boxes. Additionally, a mention on my page does not mean I endorse the box(es), the book(s), or the author(s). I am simply providing information.

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Feb 03, 2023

This book is published through Delacorte Press which is an imprint of Penguin Random House, not Harper Voyager! ♥

Feb 05, 2023
Replying to

My apologies, and thank you for the explanation! I can't believe I didn't know Illumicrate is based in the UK!

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