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Cover Reveal! Spellbound Lies by Catherine Downen

*These are not my hands…I wish mine looked this nice

Happy September, bookish folk! My favorite part of the year…all the months that end in BER! I have a special cover reveal today for Spellbound Lies by the lovely Catherine Downen!

Spellbound Lies is a YA fantasy retelling/twist of Beauty and the Beast meets Jekyl & Hyde…and it has some beautiful tropes to boot, such as enemies to lovers, curses, spooky castles, and found family—and a spooky, woodsy setting to go along with the vibes (perfect for Halloween reading)!

I had the pleasure of beta reading this beauty, and I absolutely loved it!


The prince has been in a constant battle with the beast lurking beneath his skin. Not a creature to be slayed, but a man crafted from the darkest evils. The two shift between the body they share, threatening to unleash a destruction that would change their realm forever.

When Jessamyn Elisdream sneaks into the palace in search of a lost family heirloom, she uncovers more than she bargained for. To keep Prince Nikolaus’s curse a secret, she is imprisoned in the palace until the witch’s spell can be broken.

Trapped inside the palace with the prince’s two changing forms, Jessamyn is caught in a war of good versus evil.

The prince versus his beast.

And a heart that betrays her.


Spellbound Lies releases 11 October 2022, but it’s available for preorder now on major retailers and as a signed preorder on the author's website! Hurry! Signed preorders are limited!

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