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Cover Reveal! Memoria by J.J. Fischer

The cover for the final book in @jjfischerauthor’s Nightingale Trilogy from @enclavepublishing is here, bookish folk!

I absolutely love these books.  Calor took TWO Realm Awards last year—one for fantasy and one for the overall Realm Award.  This series is one of my favorites ever.  Ever.

Spoilers for books 1 and 2 ahead in the synopsis; if you haven’t read these books, don’t look!


Would you save a life if you knew it would destroy another?

In the deeply divided world of Caldera, nothing is as it seems. Taken captive by a faceless enemy, Sephone Winter fights to reclaim her soul as her gift spirals out of control and the deadly poison coursing through her veins begins to exact its terrible vengeance.

Meanwhile, Dorian and Cass are forced into an uneasy alliance in order to find the woman they both love . . . a woman who has all but vanished from the face of the earth, along with the Reliquary. Finding her becomes impossible as the identity of their greatest adversary continues to elude them.

When Caldera’s past catches up with the trio’s future, Sephone, Dorian, and Cass are forced to make decisions that threaten everything and everyone they care about. Each of them is offered a chance to sacrifice their own happiness for the sake of the other—but will they take it? And what will it cost them in the end?

My MOST anticipated read of 2024 releases in December.  You can now preorder Memoria anywhere books are sold.

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