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Cover Reveal and Kickstarter Announcement!: Fugitive of Talionis (Talionis #2) by C.J. Milacci

Updated: Mar 19, 2023

I am so excited and honored to help announce the cover reveal and KickStarter campaign for C.J. Milacci's Fugitive of Talionis (Talionis #2)!

I had the pleasure of backing the Kickstarter for the first one and can't wait to back again!

Fugitive of Talionis will be releasing in Fall 2023, and if you want to read the sequel early, backing the Kickstarter campaign here is your only chance to do so.

Fugitive of Talionis at a glance:

  • YA SciFi

  • Dystopian

  • Postapocalyptic

  • Clean reading


A treacherous journey. A devious enemy. The hunt for the fugitives has begun.

Bria Averton and her friends have pulled off an impossible escape after being held captive in the city of Talionis for months.

Now they’re on the run and desperate to reach possible allies in Eryndale, but the Commander’s hunt for them is fierce and relentless.

Bria fights to keep her friends safe as each day becomes more perilous than the last. With Ark’s forces closing in and new dangers arising, she wonders who to trust and battles her growing fears.

But one reality becomes clear: there’s a greater peril than being a recruit of Talionis. It’s being a fugitive.

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