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April 2023 Book Box Spoilers

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

I am not sponsored or affiliated with any of these boxes. Additionally, a mention on this wrap-up page does not mean I endorse the box. I am simply providing information.

In the interest of keeping data use down (uploading this many pictures of book covers is extremely costly), I have only provided titles of books. In the case where titles are duplicates with other books, an author has also been provided.

For quick reference, use the find feature (CMD + F for Mac, CTRL + F for Windows) to search for a specific book or box.

Aardvark Book Club

What Happened to Ruth's Ramirez/A Likely Story/A Spinster's Guide to Danger and Dukes/A Brief History of Living Forever/Death of a Bookseller

Abraxas Boxes

Authentic Books

The Soulmate/The Lonely Hearts Book Club/Romantic Comedy* (duplicate with BOTM April)

The Arcane Society

Bad Alibi Book Box

Baddies Box Box

Broken Knight/Fractured Freedom

The BC Case

Belle Book Box

Featured Author: Devney Perry

Beyond the Pages Charli

The Blackwood Institute Trilogy

Book Brewed

Book Box Club

Book Brigade Box




BookHooked Box

No longer doing boxes

The Book(ish) Box Adult

Wings Once Cursed and Bound

The Book(ish) Box YA

The Witch and the Vampire

Bookish Buys


Bully Me:

Bookishly UK

Books by Nature Book Box

Book of the Month

Romantic Comedy* (duplicate with Authentic Books April)

The House is on Fire (Add-On)

Camp Zero

Divine Rivals* (Add-On and Duplicate with FairyLoot YA and OwlCrate May 2023)

The Only Survivors

Hang the Moon


Ana María and the Fox

Advika and the Hollywood Wives


Mr. Wrong Number


Zauberbüchse: Stealing Infinity

Liebes: When you get the Chance - Mein Herz voller Träume

Butterfly Book Club

The Sound of Steel

Caffeine & Legends

The Fairy Bargains of Prospect Hill

Celestia Book Crate

Book by author J Daniels/Palm U Series Omnibus

Chest of Fandoms

Töte die Dunkelheit / Black Bird Academy Bd.1

Chest of Hearts

Starburst Effect

Cover to Cover Book Box


Stella Gray/Shantel Tessier/LK Farlow

Dark and Disturbed

When Ashes Fall/Ten Below Zero/The Cabin/Unbroken Promises/When the Stars Fall/Without You

Dark & Quirky

Dazzling Bookish Shop

Andre & Santi Were Here* (duplicate with Rainbow Crate April 2023)

Down the Rabbit Hole

Dreamer Whale Boxes

Dryad Book Box

Duality Box

Enchanted Fandom

Fabled Nights


Fabled Twilight


Fae Crate

Spell Bound

FairyLoot Adult

In the Lives of Puppets* (duplicate with Gold Leaf May 2023)

FairyLoot YA

Silver in the Bone* (duplicate with OwlCrate April 2023)

Fated Romance

Fiction Addiction

Forbidden Library Box


Monster's Bride/A Monstrous Claim

Fox & Wit Adult

One for My Enemy

Fox & Wit YA

That Self-Same Metal

Foxcrate YA

Foxglove (Fox & Wit Romance)

Gold Leaf Book Box

Goldsboro Prem1er

Go As a River



Habibi Kutb

Ignite English

Indie Book Scene


Some Desperate Glory

illumicrate After Light

Next pick in May

I Smell Books Classics


I Smell Books YA

The Librarian Box

LitJoy Crate

No longer doing boxes

Lit Love Box

Locked Library

The Book That Wouldn't Burn

Midnight Bookshelf

Midnight Whispers

Moonlight Crate

My Chronicle Book Box

The Mystic Box

Nerdy Book Box

Not doing boxes

Night Worms

No Shelf Control

Novel Tea Chest

No longer doing boxes

Novellous Box

Obsidian Moon Crate

Obsidian Flame Crate

Once Upon a Book Club Box Adult

Happy Place

Once Upon a Book Club Box YA

In Nightfall

Once Upon a Book Club Box MG

Winston Chu vs. The Whimsies


Silver in the Bone* (duplicate with FairyLoot April 2023)

OwlCrate, Jr.

Creatures of the In Between

Paper Orange

Phoenix Crate

Quarterly-next box is June

Use code: eaterofstories

Quotes and Curses

not doing any more boxes

Rainbow Crate Book Box

Andre & Santi Were Here* (duplicate with Dazzling Bookish Shop April 2023)/The Bruising of Qilwa

Read Between the Vines

The Love Story of Missy Carmichael

Readers Joy Box

Satisfiction Box

Schmoeker Box

Schmoekerbox Noir

Wenn Worte töten

Siren’s Trove

So Many Pages

Tales by Mail

The Big Book Box

Divine Rivals* (duplicate with OwlCrate and FairyLoot YA April)/Lady MacBethad/The Adventures of Amina al-Sirafi* (duplicate with FairyLoot Adult February and Fox & Wit Adult March)/Lies We Sing to the Sea* (duplicate with Illumicrate March)/Catfish Rolling

The Broken Binding

The Bone Ships

To Bee Read by LitJoy

Twisted Retreat


Unplugged Book Box Adult

Unplugged Book Box YA

Witch Crown Box

*duplicate book with another box

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